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EaglePicher Relies on Cloud ERP

EaglePicher’s Space & Power Division uses cloud ERP to achieve its business goals. This leading provider of battery systems for missiles and aerospace customers leverages:
  • Paperless compliance with ITAR and other regulations.
  • Streamlined DCAA audits.
  • Easy tracking of deficiencies and non-conformance trends.
  • Unmatched traceability.
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Cloud ERP: Myths vs. Realities  

Avoid the on-premise ERP trap and reap the benefits of cloud ERP. Hear from Jim Brown, founder and president of independent research firm Tech-Clarity, during an on-demand cloud ERP webinar.
  • Understand cloud myths and realities.
  • Break IT resource and financial barriers.
  • Rely on agile and speedy solutions, accessible 24/7.
  • Improve visibility across your enterprise.
  • Hear real-life success stories.
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The Cloud Revolution in Manufacturing

Cloud-based systems streamline business operations in industries with rapid product lifecycles and short time-to-market schedules such as aerospace/defense. As reported in a recent article, “10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing,” manufacturers are leveraging cloud technology with business intelligence, supplier portals and supply chain management.

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Cloud ERP Is Transforming Manufacturing 

David Greenfield recently wrote in Automation World about how cloud ERP is a game changer in manufacturing. With industry trends such as the demand for better data for decision-makers and more shop-level data use by operators, manufacturers can’t afford to ignore the benefits of an ERP system.

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